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As much as you love your cat, taking your feline friend to the vet can really add up. That’s why Covenant Care Animal Hospital provides affordable cat and kitten medical services so you can keep your kitty healthy without breaking your budget. Whether you’re coming in for their annual checkups and vaccinations, or they require more serious surgery or diagnostic imaging, we help cat parents in San Antonio, TX, get the quality care their cat deserves.

Do Indoor Cats Need to Visit the Vet?
Yes. Indoor cats can catch diseases, such as rabies and feline leukemia, even if they never leave the home. Veterinarians can also help prevent obesity, anxiety, aggression, and skin conditions in cats. Cats tend to hide their pain and discomfort, so it takes a trained professional to identify the telltale signs of illness and provide the right treatment as soon as possible.

How Frequently Should Cats Go to the Vet?
New kittens should get their initial checkups as soon as possible after they are brought home. Until they reach four months of age, we recommend you bring them in once a month to ensure they’re developing normally and not showing signs of any genetic anomalies or contagious disease.

At six months, cats are typically spayed or neutered, but this may have already been done if you adopted your cat from a shelter. Adult cats one year or older should see the vet once annually for booster shots, dental cleanings, and a routine physical. Cats over the age of 10 should visit the vet at least twice a year. However, any change in appearance, mood, and appetite could warrant a visit to the vet.

How Long Do House Cats Live?
The average lifespan of an indoor cat is between 13 and 17 years, but there are several variables that can lead to your cat living a longer or shorter life. Some cats can live 20+ years, and the oldest cat on record lived to be 38! Taking your cat to the vet each year or when they fall ill will go a long way in keeping them by your side as long as possible.

Do Indoor Cats Still Need Vaccinations?
While indoor cats may not be at as high of a risk of contracting common feline diseases, it’s still important to have their vaccines updated each year. There’s always the possibility that they will run out of the house or become exposed from your shoes when you walk into the house, so our philosophy is that it’s better safe than sorry if it means your cat has as little chance of getting sick as possible!

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